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The Gables in the High Street, where a boy murdered his mother.

In 1904 a boy murdered his mother in The Gables.  The Times reported the case on 26th April 1904 as follows: “Frank Rodgers, aged 15, was again brought before the magistrates charged with the wilful murder of his mother, Mrs Georgina Rodgers, wife of a London solicitor, by shooting her in the back of the neck with a revolver at their residence, The Gables, Meldreth, on April 12.  The prisoner on the night in question told his sister Winifred that he had shot their mother and he thought it was for the best.  He did it for his little sister Queenie’s sake, as she could not be brought up in the life they had lately been living.  This unhappy life, said Winifred, was caused by their mother’s taking to drink.  Some of the evidence taken yesterday went to show that recently the prisoner had been very quiet and irritable, and had suffered from violent headache and bleeding at the nose.”  Frank Rodgers was subsequently found guilty of the murder of his mother and was sent to prison.
The Gables still stands, although was substantially altered and extended between the wars.

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